The Organization for Economic Literacy was founded with the mission of promoting economic literacy among adults. We aim to make fundamental economic concepts accessible to all and to help people understand the "economic way of thinking".

lotus photo taken by K.Sauer in Guilin China in May 2008

Mission: Our mission is to promote economic literacy among adults.

Vision: We envision a nation where all adults have a working knowledge of fundamental economic principles and have the skills to think critically about the potential unintended consequences of policy issues. We believe that each person is his or her own economist.

Lotus Flower Logo: The lotus flower grows through muddy, mucky water and up to the sunlight where it opens and floats above the water. This is a good metaphor for the process of learning to                                    think like an economist.

info@econliteracy.org PO Box 2208 Boulder, CO 80306-2208